Women Over 40 Workout ➡Body Slimming Challenge: At Home Exercises 💦 Weight Loss & Strength CIRCUIT

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This series combines the best combination of exercises to ensure you work your entire body easily and efficiently. Through this special selection of exercises you will be able to tone your muscles and burn a good number of calories, building a lean and shapely body!

The key advantage of this workout is that you will not need to set up an exercise plan, as it can be readily performed two times a week on non consecutive days! Good luck and let’s get started!❤️💪

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Equipment Needed:
A variety of weighted dumbbells (I’ll be using 10’s through 15’s)
A fitness mat
step bench, risers
balance pad (optional)
Workout Breakdown By The Minute
0:00-1:03 Class Set-Up And Intro

1:04-5:39 ➡ Warm-Up
5:40- 11:11 ➡ 6 LIIT or HIIT Exercises
11:12-16:04 ➡ 4 Cardio Tataba Exercises
16:05-26:20 ➡6 Lower Body Strength Training Exercises
26:21-36:26 ➡6 Bodyweight Exercises
36:27-44:17 ➡ 6 Balance Exercises
44:18-53:17 ➡6 Core Exercises
53:18-59:53 ➡ Cool Down And Stretch
Workout Top And Bottom I Am Wearing Today

◾CELER Women’s Padded Sports Bra Double Longline Crop Tank Top Fitness Yoga Workout Top

◾Colorfulkoala Women’s High Waisted Capris Yoga Pants 21″ Inseam Leggings with Pockets

Workout Equipment I Am Using Today

◾ Epic Fitness 150-Pound Premium Hex Dumbbell Set with Heavy Duty A-Frame Rack

◾ Wrist Support Braces

◾ Extra Wide and Thick Durable Cardio Mat, High Density Non Slip Fitness Mat

◾ Balance Pad & Balance Board

👨‍🔬 Standing – Supine- Prone |Moderate -Advanced day | INCLUDES warm up and cool down.

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If you are a newbie start with a simple and easy exercise before attempting all advanced exercises. Performing exercises out of your capability might strain your muscles and you may get injured.

This channel offers health, fitness and nutritional information. You should not rely on this information as a substitute for, nor does it replace, professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. By performing any fitness exercises without supervision like with this video, you are performing them at your own risk. Always seek medical attention from a medical professional.

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