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Weight Loss Journey Of A Mother

Hi Everyone today we will meet Ishav and under her weight loss journey as a mother.
Ishav says she was always been in fitness through dance workout or any other physical activity. She has been dancing since class 8th and continued her dancing passion since 2011. Once she completed her higher studies and came back to India she started Gyming in 2011. She has been gyming since then.

The biggest challenge she faced during her pregnancy. She was not allowed to work out as she Quote “Pregnant Aurat workout kese kar sakte hai”, Her family was also not in favor of working out. The only thing she was allowed by her mother in law was to walk with her. She started to get a feeling of being trapped in a case and to come out of it she started researching about it. She found that a lot of athletes are working out hardcore in the gym during there pregnancy and she decided to start her work out routine seeing them. She had to keep this special workout routine a secret as it was difficult to make them understand and she continued her workout routine for 8 months of her pregnancy.

After pregnancy, she quotes” I had a kid in my arms and I dint know what to do with it “, being a fitness freak and hardcore fitness person she used to freak out seeing herself she freak out. She had gained 20kg post-pregnancy and she quotes again ” Yar ye kya ho Gaya hai mere sath “. she had to start wearing her mom’s clothes as she couldn’t fit in her own clothes. soon she realized this a phase in her life and she had to overcome it.

Now the major challenge was she didn’t know how to tackle her kid and second was she was again not allowed to workout post-pregnancy. This again made her get into researching why she can’t work out after pregnancy. She tried to ask a lot of people to understand what is post postpartum fitness. That’s when she found out that a lot of people don’t know about this. It was not a common knowledge which everyone was aware of. She kept on researching her issues and understood about Diastasis Recti what is it and many more.

She had to make a carrier change as her business required a one hour drive and she had a small kid to look after as well. it came as a “blessing in disguise”. Her curiosity made her study more and later she decided to specialize in postpartum fitness. She is happy she is able to bring change in many people’s lives, especially after pregnancy.

Peace of advice for all new mothers is –
1) ACCEPTANCE. – accept all the facts that you are a mother now, you have gained weight, and you don’t have that freedom which you used to have.

2) Don’t worry or overthink about your weight- it was bound to happen.

3) Hire an experienced personal trainer. – Hire a person who actually knows about it. Who can actually guide you in this process, and knows what to do after pregnancy.

4) Take a chill and do not rush to get back into shape. Give yourself time to be consistent and you will get the body of your dreams.

5) Accept the fact that you have stretch marks and loose skin. Part of pregnancy and acceptance is the key.

She advises if you really want to be in fitness and want to take this as a career please take because it is beneficial for you and you can change so many lives with it.

Thank You so much Ishav for sharing your journey with us and giving such beautiful advice to our viewers.
To all the young mothers please contact Ishav at

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