Trampoline workout with weights/Rebounder for weight loss workout/15 min workout trampoline

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All exercises are suitable also for rebounders with handle bar if you want additional support.
Using weights is optional, you will have perfect workout also without dumbbells.

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Rebounding is so effective at helping you lose weight also it provides both: cardio workout and muscle building. You will be burning more calories and ultimately lose more weight in shorter period of time. Burn fat and let’s get rebounding for weight loss together! It is super gentle on your joints and great for your cardio work. Balance strength and endurance is the key here.
Trampoline workout is perfect when you have limited amount of time but you have big expectation😜.
You may use optional lighter weights, I have 1kg/2.2 lb each, 1 minute work with 30 seconds active rest – rebounder hiit workout 15 minutes with weights or fat loss workout at home – let’s get it done together!

Please mute my video, if you do not like my music choices… this music gives me energy and also if I focus on music I forgot the struggle 🥵

Target: Full body, arms
Length: 15 min
Equipment: Rebounder/Mini trampoline

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