Rapid Fat Loss Diet: For Long-Term Weight Loss

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Are you confused or frustrated from previous fat loss diets and weight loss plan’s you’ve tried…?

You’re certainly not alone if you answered yes!

And here is the bitter truth: The “eat less, exercise more” model of weight loss has not worked.

The reason?

Calories are not the whole answer!

You’ve been told to count calories, eat less of them and the weight will come off.

But, you and I have both done that and it hasn’t worked.

Thats why in this episode I’m going to show you:

Why you can lose fat quickly – but importantly avoid the ‘fat re bound’ syndrome.
Why I don’t want you counting calories.
Why relying on willpower is not going to work for you.
Why this meal plan actually reduces your apatite, makes you lose weight without hunger, and
How this meal plan improves your metabolic health.

Now i just held a members call for the MBB Tribe… And one new member asked a really good question. As she’s used to counting calories and she noticed in the meal plans there was no outline for the amount of calories she should be eating.

And this is because there is a much easier and better way…

So you’re not having to weigh every single meal, or use your phones calorie tracking app at all day –

Better yet, using this meal plan, you’ll also know how much food to eat, what foods are best and how you can enjoy your meals.

It’s NOT that calories don’t matter… Because the truth is, if you just overeat. Even when eating “fat burning” foods. You’re still able to gain weight.

It’s that this is a “hormones-first” approach… and its different. It reduces hunger, controls cravings, elevates energy, and increases metabolism, which all leads to an automatic reduction in calories without even trying.

At My Body Blends and in the free meal plan you can get by going here – http://mybodyblends.com/free – we start you with a “priming phase”.

This priming phase is designed to:

Teach your body how to burn fat for fuel.
Lower inflammation.
Drop excess water weight.
Set you up with the right behaviours so that fat loss can seem ‘automatic’.

This is based on firstly controlling insulin.

(As insulin is the main fat storage hormone in the body).

And, when insulin goes down, fat has an easier time getting out of the fat stores and the body starts burning fats instead of sugars.

It’s also shown in one study that when you cut carbs and focus on proper protein, fat and vegetable intake you automatically eat less calories and without the hunger. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17228046

(this is that automatic fat loss i was talking about before)

This means we can get your body burning fat for fuel, accelerating the process so you can lose weight a lot faster and also have you feeling satisfied… So your not hungry or craving foods whilst losing weight.

Now, this isn’t a low carb diet.

This is a smart carb approach…

This is why we set up the my body quiz…

Simply, take the quick quiz and then you’ll be directed to the right meal plan and workout guide that suits you.

PLUS the coaching videos that match your fat loss plan, so you’re not confused about what to eat.

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