Mom Body: How I Felt Sexy & Fit Again | Workouts + Weight loss

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You don’t have to just accept a body that doesn’t make you feel good. You don’t have to put up with uncomfortable sex, low body confidence, lack of tone in your body and embarrassing leaks.

You deserve answers, dignity, and autonomy when it comes to your body.

When you feel good about yourself you are better able to be the best mother, partner, wife, daughter, friend, and sister you need to be.

Tunisica O, from Blending Our Love, shares her body healing journey after having her babies 24 years ago.

Download our free pdf to learn the 10 things your doctor didn’t tell you about your post-baby body. (no matter how long ago you gave birth).

✔️Learn how you can stop embarrassing symptoms. Goodbye leaks!
✔️The reason you might still look pregnant (even months or years later)
✔️Find out why you feel disconnected from your body and learn ways to reconnect
✔️Get empowered to make a real difference to the way your body looks, works and feels
✔️ Know which exercises to avoid and what you can do to improve how you feel.
✔️ Say NO to accepting anything less than feeling amazing in and about your body.
I didn’t know there was a solution out there! A system that could help, could give me ‘me’ back. I didn’t know then… about MUTU.

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