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IM BACK!!!!! I know I haven’t posted a video in quite some time. This video will be about How I lost 75 lbs in under 10 months.

Starting weight 227 back in 2020
Now weight 152 as of today
Weight loss amount 75lbs total

Why I started my weight loss journey I was getting criticized for my weight and multi new health issues started to happen. I noticed in may at my son’s 1st bday party In 2018 I was so tired from running after him and I got winded really quickly. As the months went on I started having back pains and knee pains and the pain over time gotten worse but in 2018 I was only 190 lbs and felt bad but over the course of the year I started to gain weight due to overeating from stress. I was in a very bad relationship and that person became abusive towards me and at that moment I was weak af. My mental was not strong at all and I was not mentally ready to leave. I stayed in the relationship and was extremely unhappy. Starting May of 2019 I and that person broke up and then went sour really fast. I’m July of 2019 I had a court hearing and I won full custody of my son which I was very excited about but little did I know much more stuff was about to happen that would help push me in my overall health journey. In September I had a domestic violence incident with the person I had a child with which caused me to then have really bad anxiety. My anxiety got so bad it was putting me in the hospital because I couldn’t breathe it was that bad. I would have dreams so vivid that they would trigger panic attacks that would wake me. Those happened for the next several months and I had to go to therapy but not only that I go up losing my hearing in one of my ears. Thankfully I got my hearing back but sometimes it does go in and out. That’s incident is for another time though. Starting in December of 2019 I was in the hospital due to being very ill. I was sick my son was sick and so was my mom we were all sick and they keep saying it was due to having a really bad sinus infection but antibiotics weren’t responding to it at all. After about a month and a half, we were fine. Then covid hit that’s when I really started to take my health seriously due to being overweight I noticed I get sick easily and I stay sick even longer. In May of 2020, I started meditating to help clear my mind because I still had very bad anxiety and it started to make my acid reflux really bad. I ended up developing GERD but I recently just found that out. In June of 2020, I went to the hospital because I couldn’t keep anything down and I was itching so bad. I couldn’t stop scratching my face my throat really itching really bad as if I was having an allergic reaction come to find out I was. I have a dairy allergy. I can not eat dairy from that day I started to cut back on things I completely stopped eating dairy. I hardly eat meat now I eat it maybe once a week some times once a month. Upped my water intake as well. Not only that I’ve been making sure my mental is intact because I notice in my weak moments I slip and it makes me fall behind. In August we got a new scale because our old one stopped working and I weighed myself I weighed 180. For the rest of my weight loss journey make sure to watch the full video.
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