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Tired of the dumbbell clutter at home? All-in-one best dumbbells for home workouts perfect for my Reshape Your Body Plan AND tidies up your home! Discover PowerBlock Dumbbells! (link below)

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This reshape your body plan includes directions for exactly how much cardio you need versus heavy weight lifting. Boost your health and build muscle!

PowerBlock Dumbbells –

Checkout a workout with Powerblock now FREE at (Fitness Blender)

Why lift weights?
Visit the link to my Reshape Your Body Workout. Heavier weight lifting NOT BODY BUILDING LADIES, reshapes, defines and pulls in the body shape. Even without weight loss you WILL SEE the difference. In just 8 weeks, my arms slimmed by 1/2″ by lifting heavier weights. Find workouts at my friends site below.

Who is Fitnessblender mentioned in the video?
It’s a husband and wife fitness team offering paid and free videos on youtube. Check them out at

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