Only Drinking Smoothies for 4 Days

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All Recipes:

Banana Peach(134):
Half a banana: (37)
One peach: (71)
200ml Almond milk (26)

Strawberry, Banana & Blueberry (222):
Half a banana (28)
150g Strawberries (47)
50g Blueberries (24)
20g Chia Seeds (98)
1tsp Cinnamon (5)
150ml Almond Milk (20)

Banana Chocolate (205):
1 small Banana (76)
15g Cocoa Powder (54)
10g Chia Seeds (49)
200ml Almond Milk (26)
0 cal sweetener

Tropical Smoothie (303):
The Fruit Mix I Used was with Pineapple, 2 different kinds of melon, mango and Grapes
1 Peach (65)
280g Fruit Mix (146)
20g Oats (92)

Banana Blueberry (274):
1 small Banana (70)
70g Blueberries (32)
60g Soy joghurt (83)
15g Chia Seeds (74)
120ml Almond Milk (16)

Vanilla Strawberry (241):
250g Strawberries (79)
125g Vanilla Soy Joghurt (93)
10g Chia Seeds (46)
180ml Almond Milk (23)

Chocolate Smoothie Bowl(231):
12g Cocoa Powder (43)
100g Soy Vanilla Joghurt (74)
25g Chia Seeds
Some Water

Strawberry Smoothie (236):
300g Strawberries (91)
125g Soy Vanilla joghurt (93)
200ml Almond Milk (26)

Please keep in mind that i have an eating disorder and that eating that little calories isnt healthy.


Stay safe!!

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