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This oats recipe for breakfast with milk serves as a perfect recipe for weight loss. We are giving you guys healthy breakfast ideas for weight loss especially for vegetarian people. For those who are new to oats, recipe let me tell you some of its benefits.
Oats Are Rich in Antioxidants, contain a Fiber Called Beta-Glucan and can control Cholesterol Levels. So are these not great reasons why you should become a
oats recipe lover. Now coming to the weight loss part, the oats recipe contains 0 fat and thus oats recipe are great for weight loss purposes.
Since we are also involving banana to make it delicious you can refer to this as banana oats smoothie as well. This banana oatmeal recipe is a great way to increase your stamina before exercise. The ingredients include:
So this banana oats smoothie is great for weight loss also. This is very easy to make. Just watch the video, we have explained it in lucid language.
If you have any concerns or comments do let us know for sure by commenting down.
As of now enjoy this banana oat smoothie which is healthy and vegan as well. So there you go these were some of the healthy breakfast ideas for weight loss using smoothies

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