My Top 6 Smoothie Recipes | Easy & Quick Breakfast Smoothie Weight Loss| Monsoon ( Rainy Season)

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Smoothies are wonderful as they allow you to combine multiple nutrients in one simple way making it super simple and healthy. Today I will be sharing with you my Top 6 Monsoon Breakfast smoothies for Weight Loss. Jamun, plum, pineapple, Choco banana, apple and detox smoothie. I usually make my smoothies with 5 simple ingredients one is base that can be water coconut water , curd/ yogurt or non dairy milk( Plant milk, as dairy milk my not go Well with some fruits and veggies, 2nd is seasonal fruits and veggies, 3rd is healthy fat, 4th is superfoods ( greens, herbs and spices ) and 5th is extra protein ( If am working out). For sweetener I prefer natural sweetener in moderation.

Here are my Top 6 Smoothies for Monsoon:

Jamun Smoothie- 1:19
Plum smoothie – 2:40
Pineapple Smoothie- 3:51
Green Apple Smoothie – 4:59
Banana Choco oats Smoothie – 6:00
Green Detox Smoothie- 7:09

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