4 Common Smoothie Mistakes that are Making You Fat – Weight Loss Smoothies.

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4 Common Smoothie Mistakes that are Making You Fat – Weight Loss Smoothies.

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4 Common Smoothie Mistakes that are Making You Fat.►►https://youtu.be/IPjouQRl5iM

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4 Common Smoothie Mistakes that are Making You Fat Weight Loss Smoothies►►http://bit.ly/1YggdNO

Smoothies are healthy and it provides lots of healthy benefits to your body. But it can also be the culprit for your weight gain.

watch on to avoid these 4 Smoothie Mistakes that Make You Gain Weight:

Not Adding Enough Vegetables.
As mentioned earlier, add more vegetables into your diet. Take note of this ratio, 2:1 ratio of greens. Choose to add spinach, kale, mustard greens, lettuce, collard greens, cucumbers and celery.

Too Much Fruit.
Fruits maybe rich in nutrients and fiber, but they are not calorie-free. Therefore, filling your smoothie with five different fruits, could make you end up with much more calories. Add a little fruit to your smoothie in a 2:1 ratio, with 2 portions of leafy green vegetables and 1 portion of fruit.

Too Many Add Ons.
Keep your smoothie simple, add 1 portion of fruits, 2 portion of green vegetables, alternative milk, water and some spices such as cayenne or cinnamon.

Adding Extra Sweeteners.
Don’t add more toxic sugar into your body. Remember this, 1 tablespoon of honey or maple syrup will give you over 60 extra calories, which you don’t need if your smoothie contains naturally sweet fruits.
Also remember that added sweeteners are also found in fruit juice, flavored yogurt, sweetened milks and canned fruits with syrup. Therefore, avoid the extra sugars, and opt to use unsweetened soy, almond milk or plain yogurt instead.


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