2 healthy and easy weightloss smoothies for breakfast or post-workout!

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Published on 27 August 2020

1/2 apple
1 banana
Chia seeds
Flax seeds
Pumpkin seeds
Cinnamon powder
Cashew nuts

Health Benefits-
Flax seeds- Rich in proteins,omega 3, fibre. So when you consume a teaspoon of flax seeds the protein content suppresses your appetite,preventing from overeating and hence leading you to weightloss. Flax seeds are low in calories, sugar and starch.

Chia seeds- Fibre present in chia seeds help stabilise blood sugar levels thus promoting gut health and digestive system. Effective digestion of food means burning of more calories.

Pumpkin seeds- improve insulin regulation and are rich source of digestible proteins helping stabilise blood sugar levels. Can be one of the best snacking options.

Cinnamon powder- this helps in losing weight by suppressing appetite,regulating blood sugar levels and speeding up metabolism.

Cashew nuts- these could boost up your immune system as it contains copper in addition to zinc

Oats- these provide you with healthy fibre and a load of nutrients. Oats are low in calories and help you feel full for longer time

Almonds- these nuts are packed with protein,help in development of lean muscle mass. Also these contain healthy fats helping you maintain overall body mass index.

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