Weight loss Ladoo recipe |diet recipes to lose weight |Oats laddu recipe

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Weight loss Ladoo recipe |diet recipes to lose weight | Oats laddu recipe
Today I am sharing with you diet recipe to lose weight, you can call it as weight loss ladoo recipe, This weight loss ladoo is made from Oats and nuts and seeds, this is known as Oats laddu recipe.As we as this weight loss ladoo recipe is oil free, sugar free and jaggery free, so it is totally healthy and sugar free weight loss ladoo recipe. So while doing weight loss if you want you can eat this weight loss ladoo eat in moderation.
While making this weight loss ladoo,remember in this oats weight loss ladoo recipe, you don’t need to add ghee,sugar and jaggery, if you add it it will increase the calories.
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Note-Dear weight watchers, lose 10kg in 10 days in this video a low calorie diet plan is designed to create calorie deficient yet nutritional rich diet. The calorie deficit may vary as per your BMR and physical activity levels including physical exercise. Diet kundali doesn’t claims equal results on all.
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