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http://9c4f051nqqpyu160-c1ll0q935.hop.clickbank.net http://JUICERS.life-regenerator.com *CLICK HERE 4 RECIPE! http://SHOP.life-regenerator.com *http://life-regenerator.com*JARS of JUICEhttp://JARS.life-regenerator.com*JUICERShttp://JUICER.life-regenerator.com*SHOPhttp://SHOP.life-regenerator.com*AMAZONhttp://SHOP-FOR-ANYTHING.life-regenerator.com*DONATIONShttp://DONATE.life-regenerator.com*FACEBOOKhttp://FACEBOOK.life-regenerator.com1 JAR OF JUICE == ¼ gal. = 1 qt. = 32 oz == 946 ml = 0.95 lJARS PLASTIC CAPS:http://JARS.life-regenerator.com(do NOT use metal lids like I do in this vid as they rust! I forgot to bring my plastic caps with me on this trip…)DURING THIS JUICE FAST/FEAST,the 3 adult FEMALES are eachdrinking 2½ to 3 jars of juice/day == ⅔ to ¾ gal. = 2½ to 3 qt. == 80 to 96 oz = 2.37 to 2.84 lI make 9 jars juice/day == 2¼ gal = 9 qt. == 288 oz = 8.52 l~ 6 jars juice in morning == 1½ gal = 6 qt. == 192 oz = 5.68 l~ 3 jars juice in afternoon == ¾ gal = 3 qt. == 96 oz = 2.84 l—– I’m drinking what’s left over eating 1 solid food meal/day.If I was doing a 100% juice fast/feast,as an adult MALE I would bedrinking 4 jars of juice/day == 1 gal. = 4 qt. == 128 oz = 3.79 l❤ THE LIQUID DIET JUICE ❤YIELD:3 jars juice == ¾ gal = 3 qt. == 96 oz = 2.84 l**IMPORTANT!***THIS RECIPE MAKES A LOT OF JUICE* so if you don’t want to drink this much juice at once, please HALVE THIS RECIPE or even QUARTER THIS RECIPE ~ and/or ~ have GLASS mason jars ready to store some of this juice for later! I use GLASS mason jars PLASTIC CAPS like these: http://JARS.life-regenerator.com* I n g r e d i e n t s *—- Always SCRUB & WASHPRODUCE before juicing OR eating!I use VEGGIE WASH!http://VEGGIE-WASH.life-regenerator.com— 10 Carrots (peeled or unpeeled…your choice, depending on how ‘clean’ they look and/or if they are organic or not)— 2 Cucumbers— 2 bunches Cilantro— 2 heads Celery* P r e p *— 1) Run all ingredients through your Breville juicer, or whatever the best juicer is for you. http://JUICERS.life-regenerator.com— 2) For the portion of juice you’re drinking right now, just add ice if desired & enjoy!— 3) Immediately pour any remaining juice into GLASS mason jars, sealed shut w/ PLASTIC lids (metal lids rust). GLASS JARS LIDS for your JUICE can be found here: http://JARS.life-regenerator.com Then just keep your jars of juice in a fridge or cooler until you’re ready to drink some more! Your juice can stay very fresh this way for 2 days, 3 at the absolute most. IDEALLY, you want to drink juice RIGHT after it’s made. REALISTICALLY, not many people are able to make a fresh juice in the morning before work, nor while at work! So do the best YOU can & make JARS o’ JUICE! Can you dig it? :D* I n s p i r a t i o n *Eat foods that are alive& come alive again!’YOU CAN DO THIS! :DLove, Dan.

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