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If you are looking for healthy weight loss recipes, then you are at the right spot! 3 drinks /smoothies and juices with healthy ingredients full of fiber, vitamins and minerals. Include healthy fats for a better absorption. Include these in your daily diet as a breakfast/lunch meal or as a snack.
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1. Drinking these smoothies as is without straining is more healthy as you get a lot of fiber. This keeps you full for a longer time. Staying satiated helps in weight loss.
2.The ingredients used in the recipes have been tried and tested, and taste delicious. You may want to add a dash of salt or a natural sweetener, but be extra cautious with that. Calories from sweeteners really add up!! Watch for salt levels as well!
3. In Summer months, for cold smoothies use cold ingredients from refrigerator and cold water. Avoid adding ice as that would dilute the smoothie and would taste different. You may freeze the ingredients for 30 minutes before making smoothies for that extra chilled smoothies!
4. Use soaked almonds, cashew nuts, fresh or shredded coconut, flax seeds, chia seeds inter changeably. These provide protein and healthy fats that are essential for the body and also aid in better absorption of nutrients from smoothies.




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