The best weight loss drink ever (this recipe makes about 35 fluid ounces).

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If you’re new to juicing, always start with small amounts of juice at first (my recipes make very powerful drinks). And as always, drink lots of water to increase the effectiveness of the juice.

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Make sure to purchase “small” turnips like the ones in this video or they might taste funny. They should have a good color and should be “heavy” for their size (indicating a good moisture content). If the drink turns out tasting bitter, than try juicing only 1 turnip (or none at all), and see how that works.

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This drink is more delicious than you may think! Makes about 35 fluid ounces of the best weight loss drink ever. It’s very potent so you might want to start with small amounts at first, and work your way to larger amounts. This is Spinach Kale Apple Carrot Zucchini Cucumber Turnip Celery Juice. It made me feel very full and satisfied for many hours after drinking 24 ounces of it. For some reason this juice gave me a sense of humor (not sure why that was, but I couldn’t stop joking around). Gave me tons of focused energy as well. For best results drink lots of water (water helps the juice work on the body; water also helps to keep you full and energized).

DISCLAIMER: I’m not an expert in holistic health and you are responsible for your own juice experiments. Consult a doctor if you are not sure how much juice to take. I am only sharing my discoveries about my favorite passion: Juicing. I take no responsibility for the outcome of anybodies juice experiments. I will always try to inform my audience of the level of potency of each recipe, but as always, it’s good to start small and slowly work your way up to larger amounts.

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