Super Antioxidant Juice Recipe! Funny! Juicing Recipe for Health! KALE YEAH!

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Enjoy a new kale and carrot juicer recipe, funny cats and my taste test of a green machine concoction! Perfect juicer recipe for immune system with these boosting ingredients in this antioxidant juice recipe! Watch to get some new healthy juicer recipe ideas! Juicing for weight loss? Juicing for detox? This recipe just might do the trick. Funny juicing as beginner CO attempts her first carrot juicing recipe. Morning juicing recipes are here with me! Want to learn how to make a green machine recipe? Interested in weight loss, health, nutrition? This juicer recipe for boosting immune system is just what the doctor ordered in 2020! Watch more episodes to discover additional healthy juicer recipe ideas! This vegetable juice may be the best juice idea for immune system or juicing recipe for health, just lighten up on the carrots! Interested in a liquid diet for detoxing or cleansing but not sure which vegetables to juice? If you like veggies, you will like this green juice recipe. Check out my other videos to see many more juicing recipes, raw food, vegan delicacies, comedy, couples quarrels and so much more! Don’t buy green machine, make it yourself! Juice recipes are easy, have fun with juice! Kale yeah!

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