My 3fav!Tomato carrot juice||Carrot+grapefruit+Lime(weight loss juice)Beetroots+Apples+ginger

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Hi Everyone!
Its yet another juicing recipes for y’all .
These are 3in 1 video but yet a very short one, in this video i shoed us a portion on how to clean our vegetables with white vinegar or vegetable vinegar to take care of all the bacterials that might be on them before eating them.
1. The first juice on this recipe is Carrot/Tomato juice!
This reduces the risk of inflammatory diseases, such as cardiovascular and diabetes,. these two combo delivers many health benefits , if eaten raw or juiced.
the ingredients// Tomato|Carrot

2. Beetroots/Apple/ginger

Apple is rich in Potassium, rich in Vitamin C, good for the heart health, It has folate content as well, has vitamin k. this helps fight inflammation and good for your immune system.
It good for your digestive health and detox your blood.

3. Carrot+Grapefruit+Lime
This is really good for your skin, reduces redness and improves elasticity, Carrots contain Vitamin A , which plays many roles in maintaining your skin quality and promotes cll turnover.
Ginger is a good source of anti-inflammatory properties
this juice also aids in weight loss!
juicing is powerful!
These are some of the few things in life that gives us a rapid infusion of nutrients! So if you are someone trying to loose weight at all cost recommend these fresh juices for you, very healthy, refreshing for your summer and very nutritious! You dont need drugs to cut down your weight!
Healthy eating , stress free life, water makes it easier for you!

Make juicing part of your life. These are some of the easy things we get to make life a healthy one!

Make sure you get enough sleep! Drink more water at the right time, avoid drinking between meals.
Avoid sugary foods and junks!

Music by: Youtube audio library
I own no copyright to the background music!

Note: I am not a doctor or a Nutritionist, am sharing these base on what i’ve learnt over the years and my experience from them!

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