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I began Juicing Raw Foods in an attempt to Loose Weight, Feel Great, Look Younger, Lower Blood Pressure & Cholesterol, Detoxify and Alkalize my body and also Heal my body from chronic 20+ Yrs of Heart Burn.. My Hope and ambition is to get off my medication and lead a healthier happier life.. Many people in my family and friend have come down with cancer in the past 10 yrs and I would like to do some preventative maintenance before I too am next.. I also have a history of Diabetes strongly on both side of my family.. I hope sharing this recipe will help others as I am now seeing results myself after about 2 weeks.. I got inspired after watching Fat, Sick, & Nearly Dead, Fork over Knife, the Gerson Therapy would may have the cure for Cancer as they have helped heal many people from this deadly disease.. – God Bless & Enjoy!!

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