Juicing Benefits and Tips and RECIPES / health benefits of green juice / juicing for weight loss

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Ensure to eat healthy while following this. Cut down on all oily, junk & sugary foods.

Drink this on an empty stomach every morning for 5 days to promote weight loss. If you want to start this again, you may do so after a gap of 10 days.

Do not have this drink during pregnancy / breast-feeding.
Also its not recommended if you are allergic to any of the ingredients or have any kidney disease or on a blood thinning medication.

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Whether cleanses are your thing, or you just prefer to consume an abundance of fruits and veggies by juicing each day, these healthy juicing recipes will aid in nourishing and ridding your body of toxins.


I drink this juice daily, and with good reason. The base is celery, which is a little known nutritional powerhouse. It’s loaded with potassium, folic acid, magnesium, calcium, iron, phosphorus and essential amino acids. On top of all that, it’s one of the most alkalinizing things you can put in your body. To the ultimate green I add celery, kale, green apple, parsley, lime, lemon and ginger, creating an extremely potent, detoxifying cocktail.


Beet juice is a powerful cleanser of the blood, and highly nutritious. It’s full of folate, manganese potassium, iron and Vitamin C. To the beets, I add apples, blackberries and ginger, creating a deep red and delicious elixir.


This Wild Spicy Dandelion Berry Bliss Juice is a fantastic example of how a pulped juice is not only healthier and more beneficial, it is actually more texturally pleasing.To the wild spiced, I add strawberries, dandelion leaves, raspberries and a small chilli with seeds


The perfect way to brighten your morning, this juice blend is easy on the digestive system and gently loosens any build up that may have occurred while the body was at rest. To the tropical paradise I add a medium papaya, a small pineapple, a kiwi, fresh ginger and a half cup of fresh coconut water.


The simple ingredients in this fresh green juice create an exotic combination. This sweet, herbal drink is a wonderful departure from mundane juice blends.To the blossoming lotus I add 5 large green apple, fresh ginger, a medium lime, 20 fresh rind, white basil leaves and 7 large sprigs cilantro sectioned.


Coconuts are packed with potassium and electrolytes, says Helms, which makes them great post-workout drinks, and ideal for summer. To the garden green coco I add of course 1 young coconut, a handful of green kale and spinach and a half banana.


Antioxidants are one of the best detoxifying agents, and all the ingredients in a Mango Twist have large amounts of antioxidants. This is also a great way to build muscle after a workout.To the mango twaist I add, one mango, a glass of blueberries and 4 strwawberries


This juice contains vitamins A, B, C and E all of which help eliminate toxins. It also contains Lutein a chemical that fights aging. To the pearry good I add one pear, one apple and half glass of cherries.

9. Granny’s Detoxifier juice

This drink contains iron and Vitamin K, both of which increase organ function. Improving organ function, especially in the kidneys, helps your body eliminate toxins more efficiently. To the granny’s I add granny smith apple, green grapes, kale and a cucumber.

10. Wake Up Juice

This drink increases your energy level and helps with hydration-both of which contribute to the detoxification process.to the wake up juice I add one peach, lychees in syrup, a half glass of coconut milk and a teaspoon of honey.

Modern unhealthy diets and polluted environment cause toxins to build up in our bodies, which is why a detoxification program is so important. Detoxification improves circulation, eliminates wastes,
and refuels the body.

Many detoxification programs involve lengthy fasts, which can be dangerous and difficult. The truth is you don’t have to fall back on these measures to detoxify your body; simply drinking a juice
with detoxifying properties can be highly effective in keeping your body healthy.

Juicing Benefits and Tips and RECIPES / health benefits of green juice / juicing for weight loss.

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