#juicefast#juicelife#rawvegan Seven day juice detox journey/results

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Juice fasting is a great way to heal the body and release a lot of toxins and not digesting so much foods helps heal the body and because your still getting lots of vitamins and minerals you feel pretty good but not without ups and downs I decided to do this video because I want to help people to see the true journey from someone who is actually experiencing it and although I know there lots of folks who do much long juice fasts I think for some people it’s easier to start o a week and that you can get rid of mucoid plaque and detox out a lot of junk I have been on this raw food journey a while and the more I get rid of in my body the better and stronger I have felt I hope to inspire others and let them see even with some of the unpleasant side affects it’s not so bad and is well worth it and I truly believe it healing and the body is your temple and you need to take care of it.
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