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In this video I present fresh Carrot Ginger Juice Recipe made with lemon. This healthy juice has beautiful orange color and it contains lots of nutrients from freshly juiced ginger root that is also known to be a superfood. Ginger juice as well as a homemade lemon juice would be hard to consume by itself for its strong and concentrated taste and that’s why I dissolve it with freshly made carrot juice that makes the taste of it well balanced.

Ingredients needed:
2 lbs carrots
3 lemons
2 inch long ginger root or as much as desired

Wash all vegetables well under running water. Peel everything off. Juice all ingredients in the juicer. It is ready! It is the best to drink it when it is freshly juiced as at this time it contains the most vitamins. If you have to store your freshly squeezed raw juice for later make sure you that you will completely fill out the container with liquid and don’t leave too much air inside. This way it will keep fresh taste and some of its nutrients. Fresh juice oxidize very fast that’s way it is better if inside container isn’t too much air. Fresh juice is a great addition to a healthy diet because it can be used as a detox or help you lose weight when used properly. It’s a great example of a raw diet. Hope you like this recipe and as always Bon Appetit!

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