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*Raw Food Weight Loss *Vegetable Juice Recipes *Raw Vegetable Diet *Free Juicer Recipes *Vegetable Juicing *Visit my STORE for Juicers & more! Lifesaver Vegetable Juice* I n g r e d i e n t s *— 1 bunch Collard Greens— 1 bunch Cilantro— 1 bunch Parsley (flat leaf)— 1 bunch Red Chard— 1 bunch Mustard Greens— 2 Carrots*— 1 Tomato— 1 Cucumber**unpeeled if organic, peeled if inorganic* P r e p a r a t i o n *— 1) Run all ingredients thru your Breville juicer, or whatever the best juicer is for you. — 2) Add ice if desired & enjoy!* I n s p i r a t i o n *— I was talking to someone today about prostate cancer & it inspired me to share with you what I’d personally do if I had cancer. Remember, this is not medical advice! I’m simply letting you know what I would do.— I don’t have a desire to cure anyone of anything, nor attack any diseases. I simply want to share with you my passion for achieving, maintaining & increasing my health…& let you know all the tips, tricks, tools, techniques, lifestyle & dietary choices I’ve personally found to be the most conducive for this…& that I’ve since observed working for others too. It’s up to you what you want to do with this information. You may take it or leave it…as remember, I’m not giving you medical advice.— As many of you know, my good friend Dave the Raw Food Trucker has personally healed himself of Type II Diabetes & Stage IV Colon Cancer by consuming raw green vegetable juices like this one across the span of many weeks….oh, and he lost close to 200 pounds too. You can check out the ongoing series of videos I do with him here:— So if I had cancer, I’d bring the life force into my body & flush out dead, dying cells. Most importantly, I would strengthen up all my healthy cells & immune system with food that is meant for the human body & I would concentrate all that energy & nutrition into a living juice, so that my cells can immediately be bathed in nutrition & hydration.— At first glance this juice might not appear ‘pretty,’ but once you drink it you’re gonna see just how unreal & absolutely delicious it tastes!—
What’s been going on in the ‘real world’ with regards to overcoming disease & finding health just doesn’t appear to be working…organs & glands are being cut out & harsh treatments are done which damage our healthy cells & acidify the body.— For me, I instead choose to CULTIVATE LIFE! I wash the cells & tissues of my body clean, as well as strengthen & alkalize them! Attacking dead cells while also attacking one’s healthy & living cells just doesn’t make any sense to me personally.Which one of these sounds better to you?A) Attack all of the cells in your body, both diseased & living, OR;B) Strengthen the healthy, living cells of your bodyWell, if I wanted to live a long life full of health, vitality & strength then I personally would be choosing option ‘B.’— For those who think that me drinking green juice if I had cancer instead of getting chemo or radiation is pure quackery, then I say this: “Well, since most people are NOT getting rid of their cancer through conventional treatments & neither are many of those people getting healthy from chemo….well, drinking green juices certainly couldn’t hurt then, now could it…especially if I had already tried the conventional treatments & they had not worked…for not only would I not be damaging my healthy cells in the process of drinking that living green juice, but I would be STRENGTHENING them!”—
I may not have a bunch of fancy letters after my name, but what I do have is the LOVE…and a caring for YOU & for the TRUTH. I don’t claim to hold the golden key to Truth…but I am always driven by it & I’m always seeking it.— One could choose to decide to simply try drinking green juices for just a month or two, to see what happens! So why not simply *try* the green juice path? To neutralize acidity, clear congestion, lose weight, and/or possibly heal oneself of cancer or diabetes like Dave did?— Too many complex carbohydrates & animal foods not enough live-giving fruits & vegetables from Mother Earth has essentially lowered the cellular respiration in your body…your cells literally can’t breathe & so can’t get the energy they need to function optimally.IT SEEMS AS THOUGH MANKIND HAS LOST ITS MIND….BUT NOW IT IS TIME TO RETURN TO THE INFINITE WISDOM OF MOTHER NATURE & OF OUR CREATOR, AND SO REMEMBER THAT ALL THAT WE HAVE NEEDED TO SURVIVE & THRIVE HAS ALWAYS BEEN UPON THE EARTH.I love you all.Peace,

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