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A delicious keto green juice recipe while juicing on a ketogenic diet. This low carb juice recipe is a great guide to support juicing for weight loss beginners. Eating more greens will help prevent build up of fat circulating in the blood as evidenced by elevated cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Making low carb juice is the most efficient way to get a large variety of greens in the diet when juicing on keto. Utilizing a food scale can make juicing for weight loss beginners easy and fun! Consistently juicing fresh greens and herbs will also reduce inflammation that is caused by the consumption of high fat and high protein diets.


25 Grams Dandelion Greens
25 Grams Parsley
25 Grams Cilantro
25 Grams Spinach
38 Grams Lemon
37 Grams Celery
84 Grams Cucumber
15 Grams Ginger Root

DISCLAIMER: I am a licensed Registered Nurse. However, I am not a paid consultant for nutritional advice nor for products used in this video. Always consult with your own medical professional if you are uncertain about implementing any suggestions made in this video.

Recipe: Does not include fennel as seen in picture. I could not find item in the Food Code Book so i elected to not use it in the drink recipe for this episode.


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