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Refreshing homemade watermelon Juice | tarbooj Ka juice | Health Benefits Of watermelon
Watermelon + Mint Leaves + Lemon = Healthy Drink
Watermelon are mostly water (90% water) but this refreshing fruit is soaked with nutrients . It contains various miners like Fe, Mg, k , Se and many more a. It contains various vitamins like
Vitamin A , B6,and C and it contains Lycopene , antioxidants and amino acids .Lycopene has been linked with heart health, bone health and prostratr cancer prevention.
Benefits of Watermelon:
1.Asthma: it helps preventing the risk of asthma because it contains Vitamin c
2.Cancer : Because it is ric in lycopene it prevents risk of Cancer
3.Digestion and regularity: because it contains lots of fibre and water it helps in constipation.
4. Hydration : It contains 90% of water so it prevents our body from dehydration specially in summers.
5. Muscle Soreness: If you are an athlete or you do exercise, It decreases muscle soreness and improves recovery time following exercise.
6. good for skin and hair.
7. antiinflammatory action
Its seeds are also very healthy ait contains Proteins
Benefits of Mint:
1. Digestion: mint is a great appetizer and it promotes digestion
2. Bad oral Breath
3. Soothes stomach
4. Antiinflammatory
5. Cooling effets
6. If you feel that your stomach is ill, drink mint tea it gives you relief

Benefits of lemon : a glass of lemon juice contains very less calories. It is arich source of nutrients like Calcium, Potassium(K), vitamin C , And pectin fibre. So you must include this in your diet

3 ways watermelaon juice | tarbooz ka juice | tarbuj ka juice
It is an easy and refreshing drink made with watermelon cubes and other ingredients .
It is a very quick recipe and very healthy specially for summers.
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