Vegan Protein Shake Recipe

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As a (part time) vegan it is important that I get a healthy dose of “protein” so I usually make a Shake like this one about twice a day. It’s filling (I sometimes can’t even finish the whole thing), it’s packed with nutrients and is so SO GOOD!

You can of course swap out some of the ingredients for foods that fit your diet better. For instance, coconut milk, walnut milk or cashew milk. You can add crunchy (my fave!) peanut butter or creamy but be sure it’s 100% peanuts. You can even try with almond butter as well.

I don’t usually have to sweeten these shakes because the bananas do a good job of flavoring my vegan friendly protein shakes but if you are going to sweeten, a drop of agave (or less than that if you can manage) is really all you need.

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