How to make Cookie 🍪 Monster FREAKSHAKES – (VEGAN)

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Making VEGAN Cookie Monster FREAKSHAKES with my 8 year old nephew.

Wow what a suger coma. But totally worth it. Was so much fun making these Cookie Monster Freak Shakes with my 8 year old nephew Oscar.

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This is the ingrediens we used for 2-3 serving:


50g vegan butter
350 ml icing sugar
1 tsp vanilla sugar (or vanilla essence)
2 tbs plant based milk

I split the frosting into two small bowls and added a few drops of blue food colouring to the one for the Cookie Monster and 2 tbs of coco powder for the frosting on the glasses.


500 ml vanilla ice cream (Swedish Glace or Oatly for example)
300 ml plant based milk (I used Oatly Barista)
1/2 packet Alpro Airy and Creamy Whipped cram whipped with 3 drops of lemon juice and 1 tbs icing sugar
A few drops of blue food colouring

4 Oreo cookies
7 vegan chocolate chip cookies (I used two Swedish brands – Eldorado and Marabou Dark Chocolate)
Party sprinkles (Optional)
Google Eyes – unfortunately I didn’t find a vegan option for ready made ones but my best tip is to get some white marsipan and shape it into the eyes and melt some dark chocolate to dot on the whites.
You can get white marsipan from here:

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