Basic Vegan Morning Protein Shake Starts Day Off Right

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I’m someone who has used YouTube for a long time, since it’s inception. I grew up in the growing YouTube age. I love the positive impact that YouTube can have on viewers. I have many things to say. Some of passions include books, writing, hiking, running, reading, being, living, and many others. Some of my initial posts are going to be about making vegan protein shakes. I began making these shakes almost daily about a year ago and I saw the dramatic effect they had on my day. I am a teacher. Starting my day with these shakes has dramatically altered my teaching. I feel animated and energized for the entire day, something required for teaching and yet helpful for any person. I’m also a bibliophile (book-lover) so I’ll be posting reviews about the books I read. Lastly, I believe that every human experience is vastly unique and can be mined for benefits that would truly help the world. We’re all living in the time we’re supposed to. Don’t believe otherwise. Here’s my experience. Enjoy!

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