Patience and Weight Loss – How to Understand and Embrace Healthy Progress

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Patience with weight loss progress is difficult. This simple concept helps you understand and embrace your progress. **See our fitness & nutrition plans and guides

Take it from the girl who had no patience in weight loss. I was 30 lbs heavier and believed there was something wrong with me. I really just needed to understand and embrace my healthy progress.

I will teach you how to have confidence in what you’re doing — even when you aren’t seeing immediate results. Just know that what you’re doing is healthy and is moving you towards your goals.

Remember that every time you do something good for you, you’re making an investment in your health – even if you can’t see it yet. Keep your eye on the prize! You can do this! ??❤️?

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In this video, Tracy Freeman of Skinny Dip Fitness, explains how you can find patience in reaching your weight loss goals. She has found a simple way to help you understand and embrace healthy weightloss.

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