Healthy Model Bootcamp: Diet + My (unintentional) Vegan Weight-loss Story

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Hey guys, so this week I wanted to kind of explain why I think a vegan/plant based diet is the best possible “diet” you could have if you are trying to lose weight (among many other reasons obviously!). Yo-yo dieting is just a vicious cycle where you end up where you started with possibly even more weight, as well as wrecking havoc on your health. To lose some pounds is never worth doing any form of damage to your body, so I highly recommend educating yourself on what the food you ingest actually does to your body and how you can help heal it into a more natural balance. So many people I know lost weight without even trying after they adopted healthier plant based choices. Let me know if you have any questions about going vegan or what you would like to see me talk about next! xx

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