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Healthy Weight Loss

The cause of obesity and weight gain has finally been discovered. The truth is fat does NOT make you fat. It’s the body’s inability to burn fat that makes you fat. You don’t lose wight in order to get healthy. You first get healthy, then you automatically lose weight. There are two kinds of fat-good fats and bad fats. It’s ironic, but good fat helps you burn fat. Examples of good and healthy fats are: Olive oil, fish oils, flax, nuts, avacados, butter, yogurt, salmon, sardines , seeds, and coconut.

Don’t continue to blame being over-weight on genetics.The good news is that your diet overcomes genetics. This is based on the latest research called Epigenetics. Meaning you can change your genes. Your genetics is the loaded gun, your life-style pulls the trigger. We now know there are major metabolic factors that influences a persons ability to lose weight. For instance: your PH(acid or alkaline), minerals, co-factors, synergistic, active transporters, EFA (Essential Fatty Acids), and digestion (digestive enzymes), which most people need after the age of 40, especially if you eat cooked food.

Hormone imbalance can cause obesity and toxins from a poor diet are stored as fat as a protective mechanism. Also heavy metals (mercury, lead), are stored in the fat. A strawberry milk-shake at a fast food restaurant, contains no milk and no strawberries! There is the “Dirty Dozen” and the “Clean 15”. The dirty dozen are the foods that must be eaten organic-without herbicides and pesticide. Food such as:apples, celery, strawberry, peaches, spinach, lettuce, etc. The entire list can be viewed This is important, as pesticides become toxic fat in the body and are stored in the fat, which the body holds on to. There are 6 burning fat hormones, and 3 storing fat hormones.

There are 4 major metabolic types that respond to weight loss and gain differently.

1.The Thyroid Type-Crave carbohydrates, cold feet, puffy eyes, depression, feel better with fruit, and they tend to gain weight all over.

2. The Liver/Digestion Type-“Beer Belly”, gall bladder attacks, bad mood in the morning, can’t digest high fats, pain at the tip of the shoulder blade, the “angry man’s organ”,,eczema, night people, and the tongue has a deep groove plus candida/white on the tongue.

3. The Adrenal Type- crave salt, chocolate, coffee, swelling of the feet/ankles,” charlie horses”, inflammation, postural hypo-tension (blood pressure drops on standing), electrolyte imbalance, facial hair in women, and eye-lid twitching. If you do not get 5 straight hours of sleep in a row, the adrenals will only function at 10-30%.

4.The Ovary Type-crave dairy, constipation, hot flashes, brain fog, low sex drive, hip/low back pain, and a pair-shaped body-small on top and bigger on the bottom.
Dr. Goldberg discusses Healthy Weight Loss

The good news is we now carry in our office: 5 Superior Weight Loss Products.

These include:(1) Lean Body Whey,(2) Adaptogen, which is a unique synergistic blend of grade 10 Adaptogenic herbs and natural phytonutrients which helps increase muscle mass, inprove energy and regulate mood and appetite. (3) Galactan, which is a “prebiotic”, which promotes the growth of probiotic (good) bacteria which aids in digesting and assimilating food. (4) Glutamine which is the #1 choice for killing cravings! This raises Human Growth Hormone, which is an incredibly powerful fat burning hormone. (5) Fat Stat/CLA, which is a thermogenic fat burning formula that burns fat and promotes the “lean body effect”, lean muscle mass and energy
Healthy Weight Loss Consultation

Call Wellness Associates at:412-367-3778 for this new and revolutionary weight loss program, which is now easy, fun and great tasting. The higher the nutritional content, the better tasting it is. You don’t lose weight to get healthy, but when you get healthy, you lose weight. Get healthy today! Healthy weight loss is a phone call away.

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