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#postpregnancyweightloss Here is the diet plan I followed to reduce my weight post pregnancy(I was breastfeeding while I followed this diet). Eating healthy, home cooked meals and avoiding junk and processed foods was what I did.I am not a dietician / nutritionist. Also, this is however not a diet plan that any professional nutritionist recommended to me. So pls don’t consider it as a professional advice. When you are breastfeeding you need to take sufficient calories to ensure good quantity and quality of breastmilk. And also you need to take nutrient rich foods to avoid medical complications in the future. these are the things that I had in mind while formulating this diet for myself. #malayalivlogger #weightlossafterdelivery #weightlossaftercsection #weightlossaftercesarean

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In case you suffer from PCOS, PCOD, thyroid or any other problems, please consult a Dietician / Nutritionist before starting a diet plan.

Also, it came to my notice that there are a lot of comments regarding weight loss programs posted in comments by a few of them with phone numbers or links.. please note that I have no idea about those programs and I don’t support those in anyway.

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Nethu and me is a channel where I share my personal experiences with my viewers. Each baby is different, so recommendations on this channel may or may not work for you. I am not a medical professional, so please consult your doctor before taking any medications or trying any remedy suggested in the videos.

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