If you are looking to lose some weight and burn some fat in natural way then this is the RIGHT drink for you. In weight loss journey it is very important you melt some unwanted fat which can bring you harm. This two ingredient weight loss drink is one of the top 10 weight loss recipe does the work perfect for you to lose some extra fat from your body. This drink is very tangy from the sourness of Kudampuli. Drink this atleast couple of weeks in empty stomach as morning drink to feel the difference.

Cambogia/Gambodge/Malabar Tamarind/Fish Tamarind/ Kodampuli/Kudampuli, majorly used in cooking Kerala Seafood recipes holds amazing benefits to lose some weight. It is used in Ayurvedic medicines to treat many ailments.

Kodampuli/Kudampuli health benefits:
It is known for suppressing the hunger and improve the digestive system. On regular consumption it helps to boost Immunity which is an added advantage.

Horsegram, also known as kollu (in Tamil), ulava (in Telugu), muthira (in Malayalam), hurali (in Kannada), kudu (in Tulu), Kolatha (in Oriya), Kulthi (in Hindi) is one of the wonder food which can do wonders to your overall health. Horsegram is loaded with medicinal values and used in folk as well as Ayurvedic medicines to treat health issues. Well known FACT about horse gram is its ability to cut down fat and promotes weight loss. It is high in Calcium and Iron and it is recommended for people with Iron deficiancies. It generates heat in your body and keep you warm during winter season. It is advised to eat/drink foods which cools down your body if you are planning to consume horse gram during summer season. I prefer drinking HOMEMADE BUTTERMILK tempered with cumin seeds and herbs to manage the heat produced.

Do try this recipe and add your comments.

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