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I had been seeing this recipe around the web for quite some time, so I figured I needed to give the famous Bacon Wrapped Asparagus a try in the Big Boss Air Fryer and see how it came out. I have been on a roll doing healthy meal ideas for weight loss and maintenance on the big boss airfryer lately. So I figured I would do one of the real popular recipes I have been seeing a lot to see how it would do. Hope you guys enjoyed it and try it out in your air fryer or your oven. This is very easy to make and perfect for Keto dieters. If you are looking for the best price on a big boss air fryer I put the link bellow and also the link to my Dalstrong Chefs knife and the Teak Cutting board that I use in all my videos.

Lowest Price on Big Boss Air Fryer:

Dalstrong Shogun Series Chef Knife:

Teak Cutting Board I use:

The 2 Week Diet

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